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FGC Students Day 2018

Fatimiyah College (Girls)

Students’ Day 2018

Fatimiyah Girls College is a melting pot of curricular and co-curricular activities.

The Students’ Day at Fatimiyah College (Girls campus) was held on the 20th January ’18. It witnessed immense cooperation between students and their enthusiastic involvement in all the activities. The ensuing event was a roaring success with displays of academic projects of Science, Commerce and Social sciences. Food stalls, Games, Haunted House and Plays were also a part of the event.

The projects displayed at the event were an example of innovation, research skills and hard work of students. The surprising element was that we learned that our students possess an amazing talent for cooking. The Haunted House was the main center of attraction for all. The Urdu play made everybody laugh so hard that their sides hurt. And the English play encouraged the students to use English in speech and writing, even while making mistakes, as the only way to learn is by making mistakes.

In a nutshell, it was an eventful day, which would not have been possible without the management of the Vice- Principal, the guidance of the teachers and co-ordination of the domestic staff. It was enjoyed by everyone, the enthusiasm and zeal, never to be forgotten.

Contributed by
Nabeeha Taqvi
XII Science

FGC Students Day 2018 FGC Students Day 2018 FGC Students Day 2018 FGC Students Day 2018
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