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Fatimiyah Education Network (FEN) is an elaborate system of learning organizations providing quality education at affordable terms. This cluster of educational institutions working under the guidance of Education Board of Khoja (Pirhai) Shia Isna Asheri Jamaat, Karachi is a ‘not for profit’ organization committed to providing better facilities/opportunities in education to all members of the community in particular, and the society at large. FEN initiated its educational drive in 1965 by laying the foundation of a Girls’ School. At present, by the grace of Allah (SWT), under the umbrella of FEN a complete educational system is providing worthy education to more than 3500 students.


The units operating under FEN include the Fatimiyah Montessori System, Fatimiyah Girls School, Fatimiyah Boys School, Fatimiyah College (Boys and Girls Campuses) and Fatimiyah Institute of Educational Sciences.


Welcome to Fatimiyah Montessori System. We are pleased to announce the opening of Fatimiyah Montessori system. The Early childhood program of Fatimiyah Education Network has been replaced, from High scope approach to pure Montessori Philosophy.

Montessori is an educational approach developed by Dr.Maria Montessori. It is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits and respect for child’s natural, psychological, physical and social development.

The new campus of FMS has been functional since August 2014.It was inaugurated on 20th April 2015 on the auspicious occasion of Wiladat of Hazrat Fatima Zehra (S.A). The training of the entire faculty took place during the summer of 2014. There are 18 fully equipped Montessori classrooms designed to cater children between the ages of 2.5 to 6 years, free to choose activities from the Montessori material which is displayed in an ordered and accessible way.

Montessori approach believes that the teacher, child and environment create a learning triangle, and what the children learn depends greatly on their teachers, experiences and environment. The classrooms are prepared by our teachers to encourage independence, freedom within limits, and a sense of order. Class I & II are also part of FMS.

It is a pleasure to inform that, within a very short period of time FMS has succeeded in implementing Montessori Method and is now registered with Sindh Board of Education and Pakistan Montessori Association.


Fatimiyah Girls School (FGS) was established in 1965. In nearly five decades since its inception, the school has made a mark throughout the learning community. The qualified and committed faculty has always contributed to the educational development of the students. During the last twenty years, the students have regularly secured top positions in the SSC-II examinations.


Fatimiyah Boys School (FBS) was founded in 1996 to groom the intellectual and spiritual skills of the students. The competent and devoted staff has always given their best input to the learning aspirations of the students. Excellent Board results of the Matriculation Examinations and outstanding Co- Curricular performance are the benchmarks of this institution.

FATIMIYAH COLLEGE (Boys & Girls Campuses)

FEN escalated its echelons of educational drive gradually and now Alhamdulillah after the emergence of Fatimiyah College (Girls Campus) and Fatimiyah College (Boys Campus) in the years 2003 and 2006 respectively, we have made the move effectively towards holistic education to the degree level.

The College in affiliation with the Board of Intermediate Education, Karachi and the University of Karachi for Intermediate and Degree programs respectively develops the abilities and skills of the students. The exceptional record of the College with respect to sincere involvement in curricular and co-curricular activities is a testimony of performance and pursuit for excellence of the students. It is due to the commitment and untiring efforts of all stake holders that such a level of excellence has been achieved over the years.


Fatimiyah Institute of Educational Sciences (FIES), housed in the premises of Fatimiyah College, established in 2011 is dedicated to equip teachers with knowledge, behaviour and skills they require to perform their tasks effectively. All its courses are upgraded multi dimensionally through a well documented research process, with academic value enrichments.

The institute currently offers a two-year Bachelors of Education (B.Ed.) program in affiliation with the University of Karachi. The classes are held in the evening to facilitate in- service teachers. The B.Ed. program is accredited by National Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (NACTE).

Facilities at FEN

Airy and spacious classrooms

The spacious and purpose built classrooms are well lit and ventilated. These are equipped with modern amenities to fully cater for a conducive academic environment.


Modern and well stacked libraries are present in each unit to encourage reading habits among the students. The furniture of the library is specially designed for the readers to feel comfortable and enjoy their reading experience.

Computer Rooms and AV Rooms

Fatimiyah Education Network has computer labs at all its units. Computer studies are an integral part of the curriculum. The computers are installed with software that complements the academic learning. Central MIS & IT Departments provide the needed back end support.

Multimedia Teaching Facility

Keeping in view the need of aligning itself with the rapid increase in technology, Fatimiyah Education Network has provided multimedia teaching facility in schools (class IX –X) and in college (XI-XII). This will help teachers to deliver the lesson more effectively and efficiently.

Subsidized Laptop Scheme

On the auspicious occasion of wiladat-e-Hazrat Fatima Zehra (S.A), FEN launched ‘Subsidized Laptop Scheme’ for the faculty. FEN offered Laptops on easy installments against provident fund on 10% discounted rate with 0% markup.

Fitness Centers

Physical fitness is one of the most important features of a healthy life style. Fatimiyah College (Boys & Girls Campus) provides a Platform to keep the students fit through physical exercise. Well-trained professionals are available to train them at both the campuses. The students make use of Tread- mills, Cardio- bikes, Space walkers, Twisters and Weight Training in the fitness centers at the college.

Salient features of FEN

Merit Scholarship

Top three students each of Fatimiyah Boys & Girls Schools receive merit Scholarships to pursue further studies at Fatimiyah College. The next ten students of each school are also offered need based scholarships for studies at Fatimiyah College.

The top ten students of the Board of Secondary Education Karachi are provided with the tuition fee waiver at Fatimiyah College. Moreover, the tuition fee of the students who secure first, second or third position in Board of Intermediate Examinations are refunded as a token of appreciation. The top three ranking students of first year class, each from Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical and Commerce Groups are given a fee waiver in second year class, subject to given criteria.

Co-curricular Activities

The school on a regular basis provides a forum to the students to express themselves and show their potential to other people within the school and outside the school. Students are encouraged to participate in Co-curricular activities such as essays competition, speech, debate, and quiz. Historical, national, international, social and religious events are regularly celebrated at Fatimiyah Schools in order to Increase Students’ exposure.

Medical Facilities

Different medical programmers such as eye checkup, blood test, polio, hepatitis vaccination and need based awareness programs are conducted regularly at the network. Fatimiyah Education Network takes keen interest in student’s physical health.

Academic Achievements

The highly encouraging results, both at the Schools & College levels, speak volumes for the dedicated faculty at FEN.

Merit cum Need Based Scholarship / Soft Loan Facility

The world is witnessing the emergence of a knowledge-based economy where the role of knowledge is recognized as a critical input to economic growth and development. Higher education indeed is critical for joining the league of a knowledge-based economy.

Education in general, and higher education in particular, is of special significance for Pakistan to live as a civilized society in the comity of nations.

Lack of career awareness and the cost of education have hampered the enrollment of students at the university level. Most of the students are not in a position to fund their education which leads to a high dropout rate after completing their intermediate.

It is imperative that students should be facilitated in their career planning and informed about the various degree programmes and assist them in financing their education by providing them scholarships and loans.

In the words of Hazrat Ali A.S.

Whoever wants to be a leader should educate himself before educating others. Before preaching to others he should first practice himself. Whoever educates himself and improves his own morals is superior to the man who tries to teach and train others.

Fatimiyah Education Network (FEN) is among those privileged institutions that maintains a Career and Scholarship Desk. Students are facilitated in obtaining educational scholarships / soft loans to pursue their professional careers, after undergoing a basic screening.

40 Days Cleanliness Drive at FEN

The annual 40 Days cleanliness drive was observed in all the units of FEN. This drive is held to highlight the importance of 10th Shawal (Ghaibat-e-Kubra of Imam-e-Zamana (AJTF). The students were briefed about their responsibilities in this era as an evidence of their preparation for the ZAHOOR of Imam-e-Zamana (AJTF) by keeping the environment and their Zahir and Batin clean and pure.

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