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FGC Sports Day 2018

Fatimiyah College (Girls)

Annual Sports Day 2018

‘When you’ve got something to prove, there’s no greater challenge.’ -Jerry Bradshaw

Fatimiyah Girls College organized the Annual Sports Day 2018 on 25th January 2018 and invited distinguished Chief Guest Ms. Zohra Rajpar and mothers.

Before the formal commencement of the program, a walk past was presented by all the four houses which was a model of great discipline, time management and coordination.

The program commenced with the recitation of verses of the Holy Quran. After which a few couplets of Naat were recited in the honor of our Holy Prophet (SAWW).

The audience also witnessed the stamina, strength, skill and spirit of the students who beautifully displayed the letters F, G and C that stand for Fatimiyah Girls College. F was displayed by the Green House, whereas G by the Yellow House, C by the Blue House and a heart by the Red. Participating students showed great sportsmanship in races. Great team work could be seen. Different races, such as the lemon spoon race, the relay race, a 100-meter race etc. took place. Mothers also participated in races and were awarded with medals for their performance. The non-teaching staff and the domestic staff also took part with considerable enthusiasm. Students received trophies and medals by the honorable Vice Principal and the distinguished Guests.

The Green House however was leading and became the overall winner and received the trophies and medals they deserved.

Nabeeha Taqvi
XII Science

FGC Sports Day 2018 FGC Sports Day 2018 FGC Sports Day 2018 FGC Sports Day 2018 FGC Sports Day 2018
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