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School Counseling Course 2017

Certificate in School Counseling.

FEN secures all 3 Top Positions once again !

The need for School Counseling has recently been recognized as an important area of Education.

A six month Certification Course was recently conducted by Notre Dame Institute of Education in School Counseling, a first of its kind in Counseling.
The Course had participants from various private schools of Karachi which have all recognized this emerging need.

4 participants from FEN attended this Course. ALHAMDULILLAH, all the 3 top positions were secured by FEN, establishing FEN's progressive stance in the academic fraternity.

Principal FGS Ms Samira Ramzan secured 1st position, Counselor FGS Ms Zainab Abudi secured 2nd position, and Principal FBS Haider Naqvi secured 3rd position. In addition, VP FCG, Mrs Farhat Shahab had also attended the Course.

This is a great example of what FEN truly believes in, because without 100% effort of every member, the team as a whole cannot shine bright!
And all the FEN participants of this course have put in their maximum to take FEN to this height.

In the recently concluded Licensed Practical Nurse (Certificate) Program, (HEC Approved), students of FEN had ALHAMDULILLAH, secured all 3 top positions too !

Well done FEN !!

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