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Message of Mr Abul Hassan Gokal
Chairman Education Board

Knowledge, skills, and wisdom are indispensable for attaining salvation in this world and the next. The educational system has a unique role to play in imparting this life giving essence.

At FEN, we believe in creating a learning environment that leads to sound health and academic excellence, at the same time, instilling in the students a deep sense of ethics, morality, and values.

With this clear focus, well planned initiatives are now underway at FEN, aimed at the spiritual development of the child, which shall supplement the efforts in academic excellence already in place. Discipline, strength of character, mutual respect, social responsibility, and personality development are additional areas being keenly attended to.

Right from the Montessori System up to the College level, Value Orientation and Enhancement Programs have been structured for the faculty. In turn, methods and practices are designed by the faculty for transmitting the core values to the students, and hence to the community.

Our in house academic team is further strengthened by Professional Development Programs which provide the necessary support to our faculty to grow professionally. This ensures a high quality of input to our students, both in content and character.

Other activities at FEN include the Careers and Scholarship Desk. This desk provides career counseling to all, and facilitates/provides assistance to deserving students of the community.

The Education Board at FEN is fully motivated to deliver as promised. The highly competent and diverse team is keen to bring about the desired changes. They deserve a mighty pat on the back! And lots of prayers, too.

A sincere thanks to all committee members, for their overall contributions and efforts, specially to Mr. Ali Naqi Taqi, Secretary Education Board, for his enlightened approach and able administrative inputs. Also to Agha Asgher Hussain Shaheedi for his spirited involvement in designing the Teachers’ Value Orientation Program, and monitoring the Curriculum Screening Program.

To Mr Sarwar Ali, Hon. Secretary-KPSIAJ, for his strong support. And finally, to the very loyal admin staff at FEN for their invaluable backup support, and for being always available beyond the call of duty!

It is our vision to see a progressive community, with a strong ideology. The seeds can be sown and nurtured by the community educational institutions in harmony. The efforts shall be more meaningful if undertaken with wisdom, understanding, and integration.

And finally, a word to our most important stake holders… the parents. Please strengthen our hands by providing the right environment and support to your children. They are our future. Consider the amount spent on their education not as an expense, but as an investment. Do not compromise on their upbringing. Stand tall, so that they may stand tall, and proudly claim “we believe in the Fatimiyah School (of Thought!)”.

Long Live Fatimiyah! Long Live KPSIAJ!

May God Bless you all.

Abul Hassan Gokal
Chairman Education Board, KPSIAJ
Managing Committee Member, KPSIAJ
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