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Knowledge, skills, and wisdom are indispensable for attaining salvation in this world and the next. The educational system has a unique role to play in imparting this life giving essence.
At FEN, we believe in creating a learning environment that leads to sound health and academic excellence, at the same time, instilling in the students a deep sense of ethics, morality, and values....

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  • Fatimiyah Boys School
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Hazrat Ali (A.S)   "Whoever educates himself and improves his own morals, is superior to the man who tries to teach and train others!"


Muharram 1436 - Holiday Notice
Dear Parents, Assalam-o-Alaikum All the units of Fatimiyah Education Network (Schools & College) will remain closed from Friday 31st October to Wednesday 5th November, 2014 on account of Ashra-e-Moharram 1436 Hijri.
Note:(i) Classes will resume from Thursday 6th November 2014
(ii) Schools and College closure time on Thursday 12th Muharram (6th November 2014) will be 12:30PM
(iii)Afternoon shits of FBS and FC will remain closed on Thursday 6th November 2014
October 30, 2014
FEN website live again
Fatimiyah Education Network website has been made live on auspicious occasion of Wiladat of Hazrat Abbas (as)
May 07, 2014
Annual sports day - FS - ECE
Annual sports day of Fatimiyah School of Early Childhood Education will be held on 1st March 2014 at KGA Ground, Numaish.
February 26, 2014

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